Who We Are?


Few native Indian food traditions are as robust as obsession with barbecue: highly seasoned, long-smoked meats that arrive on the plate tender, juicy and irresistible. Fire ‘n’ Grill, The place dedicated and designated to you and your favorite people to take the excitement and joy of BARBEQUING to all new heights,Serving Chicken & Meat in its own different barbecue sauce styles.

At Fire n Grill, we proud to boast being the Pioneers in bar-b-queuing, serving oil-free delicacies since 2007. Our constant hard work and effort has distinguished ourselves as leader in Industry, owing to our unwavering commitments to serve delicious , finger licking, oil-free , high in protein delicacies made with imported zero cholesterol marinations and roasted on German machines.

Our biggest achievement till date is 100 % customer retention, which is very hard to achieve in food industry.

Launching Fire ‘N’ Grill back in 2007 was a breakthrough in fast food industry, moving taste buds from Junk options tohealthy, nutritious high protein options for athletes/sports people and health conscious foody people. After months of R&D we adopted the ancient and delicate art of smoking that is bar-b-queing, NOT WITHcharcoal, BUT with advance German Rotisseries and combi ovens.In the very beginning, food was appreciated by Stardom, IPL Teams & other sports celebrities. Slowly, barbecue-style other veg dishes were included in the menu which has become the best sellers of today like Pasta, Tikkas etc.Mouthwatering and tummy rumbling zero oil imported marinations, authentic flavours and unforgettable unique tastes, guarantees a delectable sensation at Fire ‘N’ Grill.

The product has been certified as the Best, for its Nutritional Value by International Laboratory EUROFINS as being 96% FAT-FREE and the Quality of all the products sold by us is marked by the Food Safety and Standards Authority Of India. FASSAI.

Fire N Grill bagged the India’s Most Prominent Food & Hospitality Awards, 2017 by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

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